New Publication!

Hey there,

I am so happy to annouce that one of my pieces, “Zeugma” was accepted for publication by Sledgehammer Literary Journal.

An excerpt of the poem they chose to publish:

will it be said again? you broke up - 
or they broke up,
it broke, or
we broke up; the inky tears
imbued my pillow, and you.

Here is some information from their about page:

Sledgehammer Lit is the new lit mag on the block.

We want to tear down the walls, shatter preconceptions, and break down barriers. We also want to showcase exuberant poetry and flash.

We appreciate technicolour imagery, geographical settings brought to life, and acrobatic turns of phrase. Show us the beauty within the ugliness. Peel back the layers of the onion to reveal inner truths. Bring us your contradictions. Give us gritty realism with a side dish of vulnerability. Give us sarcasm with sincerity. Make us laugh or make us cry. Be yourself, quirks and all. We adore surprises.​

It is an immense satisfaction for me to have someone recognize some of my work. I also really appreciate that they enjoyed the Side A/Side B aspect of the collection. I have been working hard on improving how the two pieces work together and play off of each other. This is my first piece accepted for publication in that format. I have had submissions accepted, but only one ‘side’ was accepted so having both of these pieces accepted together makes me very happy.

Stay tuned for more news regarding my entire collection of Side A/Side B poems, tentatively titled Scratching Vinyl Thought.

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day.

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