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Why do people love the broken people best by Marion Lougheed Eh Poetry Podcast – Canadian poems read 3 times, each with a slight difference.

Marion Lougheed is a writer, editor and anthropologist grew up on three continents. She remains hard to pin down. Her work was selected for the 2021 Poem In Your Pocket Day series (League of Canadian Poets) and won the 2021 Prime 53 Poem Summer Challenge (Press 53, Prime Number Magazine, 2021) She runs Off Topic Publishing and spends a lot of time mulling over words – her own and those of others.  You can follow Marion on Twitter and Facebook. As always, we would love to hear from you. Have you tried sending me a message on the Eh Poetry Podcast page yet? Either way, we would like to reward you for checking out these episode notes with a special limited time coupon for 15% off your next purchase of Mary's Brigadeiro's amazing chocolate, simply use the code "ehpoetrypodcast" on the checkout page of your order. If you are a poet in Canada and are interested in hearing your poem on Eh Poetry, please feel free to send me an email: jason.e.coombs[at]gmail[dot]com Eh Poetry Podcast Music by ComaStudio from Pixabay — Send in a voice message:
  1. Why do people love the broken people best by Marion Lougheed
  2. Knots by Courtney Bates-Hardy
  3. Is It Safe? by Ronna Bloom

Jason Edward Coombs

Jason was born in Windsor, ON., raised in Amherstburg, ON and matured in São Paulo, BR. When not reading, studying and writing poetry Jason helps build and run a Brazilian-style chocolate business in Toronto, ON. He also runs a podcast dedicated to promoting Canadian poetry called Eh Poetry Podcast.

Published Poems

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