Excerpt from unfinished

There is a spot where the Atlantic curves
onto the rocks beside the beach when it breaks.

There are many of these spots I am sure. I am
referring to the one place, the one in time when friends

are the waves that crash around your island at the point
where your lighthouse needs a keeper and the wind…

Jason E. Coombs

I started writing this piece as I watched my friend and his partner take a walk on the beach by themselves after Mary and I asked them to go with us. I wrote a bit more in the car on the way back to the pousada where we would part for at least the coming week. A day later I wrote a new draft. There are the opening three couplets. 🙂

Here is your writing prompt:

You might use this to start writing with and see where your mind takes you, find a way to use it in the middle of your piece or start writing to see how you could end with it.

“The keeper of my lighthouse is…”

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