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  • Excerpt from unfinished

    There is a spot where the Atlantic curvesonto the rocks beside the beach when it breaks. There are many of these spots I am sure. I am referring to the one place, the one in time when friends are the waves that crash around your island at the pointwhere your lighthouse needs a keeper and…

  • Excerpt from “Zeugma”

    …will it be said again? you broke up –or they broke up,it broke, orwe broke up; the inky tears imbued my pillow, and you.… Jason E. Coombs That is an excerpt from a poem of mine titled “Zeugma“, published by Sledgehammer Literary Journal back in April, 2021.

  • Welcome

    Hey! Welcome to my blog. This is a spot on the internet where you will find some excerpts of poems I am working on, some I have finished or published and some thoughts and observations that inspired them. Hope you enjoy reading.

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